Ambient Engineering

Specializing in industrial air pollution abatement and control, Ambient Engineering provides customized solutions for:



45,000 CFM Biofilter installation: flavor and fragrance industry.
45,000 CFM Biofilter installation: flavor and fragrance industry.

Industrial Air and Wastewater Treatment and Design

With over 50 years of experience, Hydronics Corporation has added the Ambient Engineering division to the business to provide a comprehensive range of reliable cost-effective industrial wastewater and air pollution remediation and control services including:

  • Evaluation, development and implementation of advanced air and water pollution control technologies.
  • Equipment and systems design.
  • Regulatory compliance and testing services.
  • Laboratory analytical services.
  • Field services.

Using a practical systematic approach or unit process techniques, we will meet with your experts to provide an optimized, cost-effective solution that will meet or exceed regulatory requirements.

Hydronics Wastewater Engineering & Resource Recovery

Hydronics water and waste water engineering provides customized reliable
solutions including:



  • #3,542,657  Electrolytic Reduction of Nitrates from Alkaline Metal Hydroxides
  • # 3,604,375 Incineration Process and Un-Fired After Burner
  • # 6,090,290  Recovery of Selenium From Caustic Waste
  • # 747,212  Use Of Powdered Activated Carbon as Enhanced Industrial Wastewater Treatment